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Site Updates

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A lot of stuff has been going on behind the scenes. I have been getting the server rack together slowly but surely. NoN is now hosted in house without having to pay any hosting companies! The website and game servers are now running on a Dell PowerEdge R710 fitted with four 3tb HHD's running in a RAID 5 configuration, two Intel Xeon X5660 processors with a stock clock of 2.80 GHz, and 128GB of RAM. I have learned to keep backups of backups, and to run my hard drives in a RAID config to protect against future data loss.

Speaking of the gameservers, the Minecraft server is up and running. You can join us using the address and be sure to run 1.14.4!

We are now hosting a server for IW4X, which is a dedicated server mod for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. If you own MW2 on steam, grab the IW4X mod and come join the [KFC] server! The CoD server is pretty unstable at the moment. It will cycle through the planned maps once then shutdown. I haven't figured out a fix for it yet.

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